INSLAW pioneered the use of advanced software engineering tools to customize application software to the specific requirements of each customer.

In the 1970s INSLAW developed PROMIS Case Management Software for public prosecutors' offices. Published evaluations of criminal justice policy based on empirical analyses of PROMIS data were cited in a 1987 Rand Corporation report for the United States Department of Justice as among the most significant innovations in the administration of justice during the first 20 years of the federal government's anti-crime program.

In 1978, Princeton University awarded the Rockefeller Public Service Award to INSLAW's founder and to INSLAW's first customer for their work with PROMIS.

In 1996, INSLAW brought to market the fourth generation of its tried and proven case management software products, i.e., the graphical and relational client/server generation. This new generation incorporates the robust functionality and versatility of the earlier character-based generations of the INSLAW software, as well as major improvements in ease of use.