Enduring Innovation

For over 42 years, INSLAW has been a pioneer in the development of software products for the legal profession, and in demonstrating how users of its software products can obtain management insights and leverage over their caseloads.

INSLAW's criminal justice research in the seventies and eighties gave rise to the Career Criminal Prosecution Program and the Victim Witness Assistance Program, and provided ways to leverage dramatic improvements in legal process debt collection.

In a study financed by the Department of Justice, the Rand Corporation cited INSLAW's development of its case management software product and empirical research studies of databases created by its customers' use of the software as among the most significant achievements in criminal justice in the previous 20-year period.

Mission-Critical Software

Case management software is a form of mission-critical, On-Line Transaction Processing (OLTP) application software common to government and industry. Each successive generation of INSLAW's case management software has been distinguished by the power and efficiency of its versatility, search capabilities, functionality and portability.

INSLAW supports its client/server software on a broad range of computing platforms, including PC networks and mid-range and mainframe computers equipped with either "open system" or proprietary operating system software. Moreover, the client/server generation of the INSLAW software can operate in conjunction with any of the leading relational DBMS software products.

With INSLAW's powerful database partitioning and security facilities, customers have unparalleled choices in computer operating environments and network architectures.