MODULAW(TM) Corporate is INSLAW's comprehensive client/server software product for corporate and public sector law departments. Used by many of the nation's leading law departments, MODULAW supports the management of all types of legal matters, including litigation, real estate transactions, title searches, contracts, and bankruptcies.

The system also is used to control outside counsel costs, schedule events, track parties, index and retrieve work product and documents, create budgets, monitor expenses, make assignments and record attorney time, and produce management reports.

MODULAW Corporate combines extensive tracking functions with powerful searching capabilities, automatically summarizing detailed information to address a range of reporting requirements.

Because MODULAW Corporate is designed specifically for law departments, it can be implemented as an off-the-shelf solution. Alternatively, MODULAW can be customized to address an organization's own data and workflow needs through the use of INSLAW's advanced application development tools.

MODULAW Corporate Components:

Matter Tracking
The Matter Tracking component of MODULAW provides the ability to monitor the status of a matter from initiation through disposition, providing users complete access to matter-related information.

  • Claims/Litigation Tracking segment captures information about matters involving suits brought against the corporation or government. The system tracks the damages being sought, maintains jurisdictional data, and tracks the filing of all pleadings.
  • Agreement Tracking in MODULAW allows a department to track all contracts and agreements produced by staff attorneys.
  • Party and Party Counsel Tracking allows individuals and entities associated with a matter, along with their counsel, to be tracked.
  • Party Directory enables capture of background information on parties who are likely to reappear in multiple matters.

Event Tracking
Event Tracking in MODULAW includes functions for monitoring the status of a matter by tracking both past and future actions.

  • Calendar and To-Do List track matter-related and staff-related scheduled actions.
  • Rules-based Scheduling permits automatic calendaring of events on the basis of department, organization, and jurisdictional rules.
  • Docket Control function of MODULAW maintains a history of events that have occurred throughout the life of a matter.

Staff and Referral Management
MODULAW tracks all individuals and firms involved in the handling of a matter. Assignment of internal attorneys and staff, as well as outside firms, may be monitored throughout the life of a matter.

  • Attorney and Staff Assignments feature tracks internal assignments to individual matters. Automated transfer processing is provided to handle reassignments.
  • Staff Directory is available for collecting detailed information on individual staff members, ranging from basic address data to detailed employment and education profiles.
  • Outside Firm Referral portion of the system tracks law firms, experts, and other consultants who are retained.
  • Outside Firm Directory is available to hold detailed background information on outside firms, including the names of individual attorneys or staff.

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Financial Management
MODULAW provides department management with a tool for monitoring and controlling legal costs.

  • Budgeting capability allows budgets to be created for individual matters. The use of ABA task codes enables actual costs for a matter to be evaluated and monitored against the projected costs.
  • Timekeeping and Expense Tracking portion tracks internal time and expenses incurred in handling a matter.
  • Invoice Tracking component tracks fees and expenses billed by outside entities. Charges can automatically be allocated to internal clients.

Document Control
MODULAW helps to manage and track a department's work product, files, and other documents.

  • Document Bank stores information on documents that have historical value. The system also can interface with complementary packages, such as word processing, document management, imaging, and document assembly software.
  • Records Management portion of MODULAW captures information about physical files, including their contents and movement throughout the department.

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Corporate Secretary
The Corporate Secretary component of MODULAW supports the management and tracking needs associated with an organization's official status, including registered agents, corporate names, filings due, and stock-related data.

  • Officer/Director Bank captures background data on individuals who hold positions in an organization. The directory eliminates the need for redundant data entry.

Legislative Affairs
The Legislative Affairs component of MODULAW monitors the status of legislation of interest to a corporation or government agency. The organization's position on a bill can be tracked, along with the name of the individual responsible for monitoring it.

Law Library Management
MODULAW provides the ability to track the contents of a law library. A separate Publisher Directory is available to contain background information on publishing firms.

  • Expense Tracking and Check In/Check Out capabilities are also available.

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