CJIS for Prosecutors is INSLAW's comprehensive prosecution management software product that enables prosecutors to manage their workload from the intake and screening stage through final disposition and sentencing. The system also can be used to identify career criminals who re-offend while on bail or who have extensive criminal histories, and to help prosecutors improve communications with police, victims and witnesses. Management insights from caseflow statistics help prosecutors establish and evaluate policies and priorities on gangs, drugs, juvenile crime, domestic violence and other community problems. CJIS for Prosecutors can be implemented either as a stand-alone prosecution system or as a component of INSLAW's multi-agency Comprehensive Justice Information System (CJIS).

Case Management CJIS for Prosecutors tracks prosecutions of adult and juvenile cases from intake, screening, and investigation through final disposition. The system provides on-line access to case information by any field including defendant, witness, victim, prosecuting and defense attorneys, judge, experts, evidence, dispositions, sentences and appeals. The system can summarize the activity in a case, displaying the current status, the last scheduled event and date, and the next scheduled event and date. The unique data partitioning feature, together with the security capability, make it possible to segregate juvenile cases from adult cases. The INSLAW system can also assist in the assignment of cases and the evaluation of prosecution performance.

CJIS for Prosecutors Components:

Person Identification
Each defendant is assigned a unique person I.D. number that is linked to a complete file of information for that defendant. This includes physical descriptors, aliases, prior arrests and/or convictions, known associates, addresses, warrants, cautions, etc. The system automatically summarizes the activity for the defendant across his or her active and disposed cases, including active warrants, and monies due under each case. The unique data partitioning feature, together with the Security capability, make it possible to segregate juvenile offender histories from histories of adult offenders, and to restrict access to authorized users.

Victim/Witness Services
The INSLAW software allows a prosecutor's office to monitor all contacts with victims and witnesses and to respond quickly to their requests for information. Reports of victim and witness activity can be produced.

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CJIS for Prosecutors records all past events and future scheduled events. This data can be sorted on-line by prosecutor, division, case type, courtroom, judge, date, and/or range of dates. Users are provided with on-line access to all event information according to case, date, type of activity, and individual involved. In addition, hard copy calendars can be produced in a user-defined format.

Speedy Trial Date Calculation
INSLAW's prosecution system can track a speedy trial date for a defendant. An excluded time record contains information regarding events that affect the speedy trial date. The system deducts excluded time and automatically recalculates the latest date for trial.

Warrant Generation
CJIS for Prosecutors tracks warrants and their status. Warrant records can be created automatically based on information entered for the case. Moreover, a hard copy of the warrant can be generated and directed to a printer at any location.

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File Management
The INSLAW software tracks work product, files, and other documents. The file management component captures information about physical files, including their contents and their movement throughout the office.

CJIS for Prosecutors can be used with complementary third party office automation software products including word processing, document assembly systems, document management and imaging systems, and decision support systems.

On-line Searches
CJIS for Prosecutors provides attorneys and support staff with powerful on-line search capabilities. Cases can be accessed by any field including case number, defendant name, witness name, prosecutor, division, defense attorney, judge, court, courtroom, calendar date (or range of dates), case type, and status.

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Management Reporting
The INSLAW software can produce ad hoc and standard reports regarding case activity, including calendars, case listings and disposition reports.

Form and Notice Generation
CJIS for Prosecutors can generate forms and notices. Data are merged into predefined formats and/or text to produce notices, subpoenas, summonses, and docket sheets.

CJIS for Prosecutors includes a comprehensive security subsystem that allows various levels of update and inquiry access for different users or groups of users, and restricts access to information to authorized users. The Security capability is an essential tool for reliable segregation and protection of data on juvenile offenders from data on adult offenders.

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