INSLAW's CJIS for Corrections software product is a comprehensive inmate management information system that supports the operations of state and local detention and correctional facilities. As an integrated inmate information system, CJIS for Corrections is a powerful tool that assists correctional administrators in managing their inmate populations, controlling overcrowding, and reducing risks within the facility. Designed to track an inmate from booking to release, the system provides a full audit trail of all in-custody activity, including detention/commitment order and charge tracking, classification and housing assignment, receipt and release of property, medical records, inmate accounts, commissary purchases and inventory, program participation, and incident tracking.

CJIS for Corrections Components:

Person Identification
A unique person I.D. number is assigned to each person and is linked to a complete file of information for that person. This includes physical descriptors, aliases, prior arrests and/or convictions, known associates, addresses, warrants, cautions, etc. The system automatically summarizes the activity for the person across his or her active and disposed cases, including active warrants.

Intake and Booking Management
This CJIS component records information about each booking, identifying the person taken into custody, the date and time of booking, inmate type (federal, state, etc.), and whether the inmate is an adult or juvenile. Because a permanent I.D. number is used, information regarding a person does not need to be re-entered for each booking. Additionally, an Inmate Locator record tracks a person's entry into and exit from a facility. Movements within the facility for activities such as recreation, sick call, law library, etc., can be tracked as well.

Classification and Housing Assignment
Due to differences in classification and housing assignment criteria from one facility to another, INSLAW designed this component to be tailorable to each facility's unique requirements. The criteria are stored in tables for easy maintenance. Strict database controls are maintained between the inmate's classification level and the security level of the housing assignment. A warning message is returned if the housing assignment is not appropriate for the inmate's classification. The user can override the warning but must record the reason for doing so.

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Medical Management
CJIS for Corrections includes a Medical Profile subsystem that helps medical staff manage the medical needs of inmates. The system tracks a whole range of medical information about an inmate from initial screening to subsequent physicals; progress notes by medical discipline; medical screening for program assignments; entry and retrieval of medication orders; requested and scheduled sick call visits; as well as dietary restrictions for commissary order control.

Sentence Time
Sentence time and scheduled release date are calculated for all persons. Additional entries regarding credits for good behavior, and time served automatically result in recalculation of the scheduled release date.

Inmate Accounting and Commissary Management
An account can be established for each inmate to track credits and withdrawals and commissary purchases. An account record maintains summary information indicating the inmate's cash and award (credit voucher) balances. Summary information is automatically updated as withdrawals, deposits, and commissary transactions are entered. The system also tracks quantity on hand in the commissary inventory.

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CJIS for Corrections can be used to produce ad hoc and standard reports regarding the facility and the inmates. This includes, for example, rosters, facility incident reports, counts, mandated reports, and any other ad hoc reports required by administrators.

Inmate Property
Property received from an inmate can be tracked in the CJIS system, including a description of the property and its location in the facility. The system can automatically generate property receipts.

Grievance Tracking
CJIS includes a grievance tracking component to record the date and time of filing, reason, type of grievance, reviewing officer and the outcome.

CJIS for Corrections includes a comprehensive security subsystem that allows various levels of update and inquiry access for different users or groups of users, limiting access to confidential information to authorized users.

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Visitation Services
CJIS for Corrections can be used to monitor visitors and visiting privileges. Officers have ready access to each inmate's authorized visitors, including the visitor's relationship to the inmate, address, and identification information.

Special Needs/Program Tracking
CJIS can track the provision of medical, dietary or religious service needs and inmate participation in educational, recreational, rehabilitative and work programs

Incident Tracking
CJIS for Corrections tracks all incidents throughout the facility including crisis intervention, accidents, injuries, property damage, use of force and the resulting disciplinary hearings.

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